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Proportional Revenge

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Incarcerated, broken but unbowed - she's ready for her revenge.

Chique, a victim of abuse all her life, has just killed her boss and affair partner in a moment of tortured fury. Covered in his blood in his top-floor office, and with no one else to turn to, Chique finds sanctuary in the promises of American socialite Mary van Ark— her boss' wife. As a cunning woman fully aware of her predatory husband's sadistic tendencies, Mary is desperate to avoid political scandal, and adamant on maintaining her facade of wealth and status.

So, she agrees to make the body disappear. But when she proves to be far more calculating and ruthless than her deplorable, dead husband, the bitter cynicism of her betrayal will send Chique into an unstoppable mission for destruction and revenge.

What else has she left to lose?

From tortured youth to a woman in control, PROPORTIONAL REVENGE is a thrilling story of brutal power, relentless retribution and shadowy political intrigue, sure to leave you yearning for more.

Warning: This book has been banned by Amazon as it contains sensitive subject matter. It is intended for adult audiences and includes depictions of incest, explicit and graphic descriptions of mature sexual content, drug and alcohol use, as well as scenes of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Book details

First published 01
October 2023.

Published by Permansio Publishing b.v.

Words 75.714

Language: English

Available as ePub and Paperback

About the author

David G. Williamsson transitioned from a career as a programmer to a successful software entrepreneur. After selling his international software company, he delved, as a hobby, into the creative world of writing.


“Programming and writing have a lot in common,” says David, “both are based on a creative process that need structure, discipline and an eye for detail and both are focused on creating a great customer experience.”


He debuted with "Proportional Revenge," the inaugural entry in the Chique-series that showcases the captivating character, Chique Fluellen, a brilliant and striking Afro-American young woman. David describes his books as spanning several genres, from erotic to political to crime and psychological thrillers.


When the book was unexpectedly removed from Amazon, David decided to showcase his work on his own website.


“I was bitterly disappointed that Amazon took this unexpected and unexplained decision to remove my book. Yes, the book has sex and drugs and violence, but it’s all part of a well-thought-out storyline where persistence and determination are the main themes. Chique, our heroine, has been dealt some very bad life cards and we follow her as she fights back.” Undeterred by Amazon’s decision, he addsI don’t understand their decision, I think that there’s no reason consenting adults shouldn’t read and enjoy fiction with dark themes.”


Before being banned by Amazon, Proportional revenge gathered some great reviews. Aptly summarized by one reviewer, "In Proportional Revenge, Fifty Shades of Grey meets House of Cards!" hinting at its potent content that's not for the timid.


Born and educated in England, David has since settled in the Netherlands with his third wife, Jacoline. His second novel in the Chique series, "Mutually Beneficial," was released in november 2023. David is simultaneously immersed in crafting the manuscript for the third installment in the Chique series and conceptualizing the plot for the fourth.

Proportional Revenge
Proportional Revenge
This book has it all! Tension, sex and a fantastic plot
A fun dark novel that will have you hooked
I loved this book! Such a wild ride that got me stucked to the page until the end!
Oh wow, what a book! I really loved it.
An intense and engrossing reading experience that’s not for the faint of heart.
A standout thriller, leaving readers yearning for more of Chique’s riveting journey.
Complex and exciting. It was a roller coaster ride of lust, betrayal, murder, and revenge
Riveting and darkly captivating.
One of the best I have read in a long time.
A taut, exciting, very erotic, cybercrime thriller that will captivate readers.
While it is explicit it doesn’t cross that invisible line from erotic into turgid and grubby.
It is a fast-paced and action-packed thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat.
A must-read for those who enjoy steamy romance, political drama, and suspenseful storytelling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Proportional revenge

"Proportional Revenge"
by David G. Williamson
5 outof 5 🌟
The author crafts a narrative that doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of abuse, vividly portraying Chique's tumultuous journey.The story's strength lies not just in the blood-stained revenge but in the psychological intricacies of its characters. Mary van Ark's calculated maneuvers add a layer of complexity, turning her into a formidable adversary. The narrative becomes a battleground of wits, with each character grappling not only with external threats but also with their internal demons.Williamson's prose is sharp, delving into the shadows of political intrigue and societal facades. The tale becomes a symphony of vengeance, a haunting melody that lingers in the reader's mind. The author skillfully addresses the moral ambiguity of revenge, forcing readers to question the boundaries of justice.The thematic depth extends beyond the central plot, touching on societal structures and the consequences of unchecked power. The nuanced exploration of abuse and its long-lasting impact adds a layer of gravitas, making "Proportional Revenge" not just a thriller but a thought-provoking commentary on human nature.In this labyrinth of emotions and retribution, the pacing is relentless. Each chapter unfolds like a well-orchestrated sequence, keeping the reader hooked until the final crescendo. "Proportional Revenge" is not merely a tale of vendetta; it's a testament to the indomitable spirit's ability to rise from the ashes, seeking justice in a world tainted by darkness.

A winding thriller that delves into tough emotional topics…

A victim of sexual abuse embarks on a revenge journey, determined to make those who have wronged her pay heavily in Williamsson’s engrossing thriller.

Chique, a lifetime victim of relentless abuse, snaps and murders her sadistic boss and secret lover. Panicked, she turns to the only person she thinks might help her, Mary van Ark, the wealthy socialite wife of her late boss. But Mary is not at all what she seems. Chique quickly becomes a pawn in Mary’ sinister game. With nothing left to lose, Chique sets out on a dangerous quest for revenge, determined to make those who have wronged her pay dearly.

Williamsson expertly conveys the intense emotions of Chique – tension, overwhelming anxiety, and seething rage – as she struggles to cope with the ultimate betrayal from those closest to her. Chique’s haunting first-person voice injects raw emotion and relentless tension into her story, as she details her descent into isolation and desperate search for comfort through violent and destructive sexual encounters.

The book forces us to confront the chilling reality that monsters walk among us – seemingly normal individuals with sinister intentions. It delves deeply into the darkness and intricacies of human nature and begs the question: is it easier to ignore the truth or confront it head on? Depictions of incest and explicit and graphic descriptions of mature sexual content demands readers’ discretion. A gripping read that skillfully explores the devastating aftermath of childhood sexual abuse, while tackling tough themes of complex family dynamics, trauma and its lasting effects, violence, and political power-play.

Book connoisseur!

Loved this read! You’d never expect who was behind all the scandal and WHY!! Definitely recommend!!


📚 Proportional Revenge

by David G. Williamsson: A Dark Symphony of Vengeance and Power 📚



🍂 From the first page to the last, "Proportional Revenge" entangles readers in a web of darkness, revenge, and political machinations. David G. Williamsson masterfully crafts a narrative that digs deep into the realms of human suffering and the unyielding quest for justice.

🚧 At the core of the story is Chique, a character whose life has been a tapestry of abuse and torment. The novel takes a bold step into the taboo, unraveling a plot where she, pushed to the brink, takes matters into her own hands, committing an act that sets the stage for a relentless pursuit of retribution.

🚧 The narrative unfolds with a chilling dance between Chique and Mary van Ark, the wife of Chique's abusive lover. What starts as a seemingly convenient alliance for both women transforms into a complex interplay of power, betrayal, and survival. Mary's cunning nature adds layers to the plot, propelling Chique into a mission for destruction and revenge.

👉Trigger Warnings: Incest, Graphic Adult content, Drug and alcohol use, Graphic violence.

🤯 As a reader with a penchant for dark narratives, I found myself immersed in the intricacies of Chique's evolution. Her journey from a victimized soul to a woman in control is nothing short of a psychological thriller. The book doesn't shy away from explicit depictions, and the cautionary trigger warnings are crucial for sensitive readers.

📖 The novel's banned status on Amazon adds a provocative element to its allure. It's a testament to the uncompromising nature of the narrative, challenging societal norms and pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

📣 In conclusion, "Proportional Revenge" is a literary thrill ride. The writing is visceral, the characters are hauntingly real, and the plot is a relentless exploration of the consequences of abuse. It's a book that lingers, leaving you questioning the boundaries of justice and the price one pays for revenge. 🖤

#ProportionalRevenge #DarkLiterature #BookReview #MustRead

Sneha Sood
Great story

Proportional Revenge written by the author David G. Williamsson is a fantastic story. The main character of the story is Chique. She went through sexual assault while growing up. There came a point when she felt numb and got used to the abuse. She felt like talking to her mother or sister but was hurt to later find out that her sister Claire was already aware of it.

The past trauma of Chique's life was buried deeply in her mind. Usually she enjoys getting intimate with her boss Peter. However, on a Sunday when her boss touched her, something provoked her and she killed him. Peter's wife Mary was already aware of her husband's extra-marital affair. She doesn't care about it as she only loves wealth, her political reputation, etc.

Chique, who was well aware of Mary's nature, decided to take her benefit. Mary agreed to help Chique and there won't be any charges pressed on her. Find out what would happen further in the story.

The pace of the story is fine and I enjoyed every bit of this book. There are no dull moments in the story. The language used in the book is easy to follow. Characters are written well by the author. Chique is really a bold girl. The story is unique and hooked me till the end.