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Mutually Beneficial

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Chique Fluellen – alluring and indomitable - is BACK in this page-turning sequel to the acclaimed “Proportional Revenge”!

After conquering her sinister past to reclaim her life, Chique is finally living a life of newfound bliss with her fiancé. But her peaceful world is shattered when Susan McClarren, the formidable ex-US Ambassador, asks Chique to recover a scandalous film that threatens her high political aspirations. Susan won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and Chique has no choice but to oblige.

Meanwhile, a sinister plot is underway. Someone has set their sights on controlling the highest political office by any means necessary.

And Chique’s new challenge may very well be playing right into their hands.

As Chique’s life spirals into the treacherous realms of the underworld, a trail of broken lives will be left in its wake — for all paths lead to heartbreaking loss and unimaginable torment in a squalid Russian prison.

Will Chique be rescued before all is lost? Or is she merely a helpless pawn in a global game for power?

Brace yourself for a whirlwind of steamy passion, suspense, and unyielding resilience in this spellbinding erotic-political thriller!

Warning: This book is intended for adult audiences and contains sensitive subject matter. It includes explicit and graphic descriptions of mature sexual content, drug and alcohol use, as well as scenes of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

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Originally published: November 01, 2023

Published by Permansio Publishing b.v.

Words: 61,710

Language: English

Available as ePub and Paperback

    Mutually Beneficial
    Mutually Beneficial
    "Fifty Shades of Grey meets House of Cards."
    “The author has crafted an intense and engrossing reading experience that’s not for the faint of heart.”
    “Proportional Revenge is complex and exciting. It was a roller coaster ride of lust, betrayal, murder, and revenge.”

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    Mutually Beneficial

    "Mutually Beneficial"
    by David G. Williamson

    This is a literary rollercoaster that delves into the complex realms of passion, power, and the shadows that intertwine them. Chique Fluellen, the enigmatic protagonist, returns with a newfound bliss in her life, only to be plunged into a maelstrom of political intrigue and personal turmoil.Williamson skillfully crafts a narrative that transcends traditional genres, seamlessly blending elements of eroticism with a deep exploration of political machinations. The plot unfolds with a magnetic force, drawing readers into a web of suspense as Chique is coerced into a mission by Susan McClarren, an ex-US Ambassador with ambitions that echo in the corridors of power. The recovery of a scandalous film becomes a catalyst for a sinister plot aimed at controlling the highest political office, setting the stage for a gripping tale of deception and manipulation.What elevates "Mutually Beneficial" is its unflinching portrayal of the human condition amid the pursuit of power. Chique's journey takes unexpected turns, leading her into the treacherous underworld where the consequences of her actions reverberate, leaving behind broken lives and haunting torment. The narrative unfolds like a chess game, with every move revealing a layer of complexity that adds depth to the characters and the overarching plot.Beyond the steamy passion that punctuates the story, the novel ventures into philosophical territory, prompting readers to reflect on the nature of resilience and the price one pays in the pursuit of one's desires. The juxtaposition of intimate moments with the harsh realities of a Russian prison creates a poignant contrast that lingers in the reader's mind.In "Mutually Beneficial," Williamson has created a work that transcends the conventional boundaries of genre fiction. It's a masterful blend of sensuality, suspense, and introspection that invites readers to navigate the intricate tapestry of human emotions and the consequences of choices made in the pursuit of power. This is not just a novel; it's a thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche in the face of passion and politics.

    Awesome book

    📚 Book Review: "Mutually Beneficial"


    David G Williamsson 🌟



    👉"Mutually Beneficial" by David G Williamsson is an enthralling sequel that intricately weaves together political intrigue and personal redemption, creating a narrative that transcends the boundaries of a conventional thriller. Set against a backdrop of suspense and passion, the story unfolds, drawing readers into a world where the stakes are high, and the characters are intricately developed.

    👉The protagonist, Chique Fluellen, emerges from a haunting past, finding herself reluctantly entangled in the dangerous web of political machination. Susan McClarren, a powerful ex-US Ambassador, becomes the catalyst for Chique's journey as she is compelled to recover a scandalous film that threatens political ambitions. What ensues is a rollercoaster of unexpected twists, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

    👉David G Williamsson's storytelling mastery is evident as he skillfully crafts an atmosphere that captivates the imagination. The intricate plot, coupled with well-developed characters, contributes to a narrative that defies the conventions of a typical political thriller. The author effortlessly maintains suspense throughout, creating a tension that is both palpable and relentless.

    👉As the plot delves into the treacherous realms of the underworld and lands Chique in a grimy Russian prison, the reader is taken on a journey that explores themes of sacrifice and consequence. Chique's personal struggles become a metaphor for the sacrifices made in the pursuit of power, prompting reflection on the enduring impact of such decisions on both individual lives and the broader political landscape.

    👉The novel is a whirlwind of steamy passion, suspense, and unyielding resilience. While the explicit content, including non-consensual scenes, adds intensity to the story, it is crucial for readers to approach the book with an open mind.

    👉In conclusion, "Mutually Beneficial" is a captivating and intense exploration of the complex interplay between personal redemption and political machination

    #MutuallyBeneficial #BookReview #MustRead 📚🌟

    Happy reading 😁😁

    Book Review
    Beautiful book 📕

    🌼Book Review: "Mutually Beneficial" by David G Williamsson🌼

    🍂"Mutually Beneficial" immerses readers in a world where political intrigue collides with personal redemption, crafting a tale that's as gripping as it is thought-provoking.🍂


    🚧The story follows Chique, a character with a haunting past, reluctantly thrust back into the dangerous realms of political machination by Susan McClarren, a powerful ex-US Ambassador. Chique's mission to recover a scandalous film unfolds against the backdrop of a sinister plot aiming for the highest political office. As the narrative progresses, the stakes rise, leading Chique through the treacherous underworld and into the confines of a Russian prison.

    📖Storytelling Mastery:

    🚧David G Williamsson skillfully weaves suspense and political drama, creating an atmosphere that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The intricate plot and well-developed characters contribute to a riveting narrative that defies the conventions of a typical political thriller. The author's ability to blend personal struggles with the broader canvas of political intrigue adds depth to the storytelling.

    🌪️Twists and Turns:

    🚧The plot is a rollercoaster of unexpected twists and turns, keeping readers guessing until the final pages. The intricacies of the characters' relationships and the evolving political landscape create a tension that is both palpable and relentless. The author's ability to maintain suspense throughout the narrative is commendable.

    💔Themes of Sacrifice and Consequence:

    🚧Beneath the surface of political maneuvering lies a profound exploration of sacrifice and consequence. Chique's personal journey becomes a metaphor for the sacrifices made in the pursuit of power. The narrative prompts readers to reflect on the enduring impact of such decisions on both individual lives and the broader political landscape.


    Angelique Papayannopoulos
    Reviewed by Angelique Papayannopoulos for Readers’ Favorite

    A conspiracy thriller by David G. Williamsson, Mutually Beneficial follows
    protagonist Chique Fluellen on a treacherous journey of espionage in a corrupt
    political game of power. Despite coming from an abusive background, Chique is
    an intelligent, gorgeous, and highly sexual woman. While trying to put her life
    back on track with her fiancé Raymond, her peaceful world is turned upside
    down when she takes on a dangerous mission. Susan McClarren, former US
    Ambassador, is fast climbing the political ladder, but a scandalous film threatens
    her political ambitions. A powerful and intimidating woman, she compels Chique
    to retrieve the film at whatever cost. Chique embarks on a precarious journey
    filled with high risks and danger that lands her in a grimy Russian prison.
    Mutually Beneficial is a fast-paced, action-filled political thriller with a sinister
    plot. David G. Williamsson creates a page-turner that captures the reader from
    the very beginning. Throughout the novel, the characters and scenes are
    described in great detail. There is a believable inner world for each character and
    the reader can connect with their motivations. The story is filled with steamy
    passion, suspense, death, revenge, and hardcore toughness. This novel exposes
    readers to the realistic but dark realms of the underworld, as well as non-
    consensual sexual scenes that may be considered disturbing. However, they are
    important in creating an intricate and exhilarating plot. This action-packed story
    explores themes of treachery, resilience, and revenge. Mutually Beneficial
    contains explicit sexual scenes and profanity, so readers need to be open-
    minded while enjoying this thrilling ride of suspense and danger.

    Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

    Mutually Beneficial is a work of fiction in the thriller, interpersonal drama, and
    political drama subgenres. It is best suited to mature adult readers owing to
    explicit scenes of sex and sexual assault. Penned by author David G Williamsson,
    this work is a captivating and thrilling sequel to the powerful and poignant
    Proportional Revenge. Chique Fluellen, a complex and alluring character, returns
    to the center stage in a seemingly happy new existence. But her newfound bliss
    with her fiancé is disrupted when the formidable ex-US Ambassador, Susan
    McClarren, calls on her to recover a scandalous film. Reluctantly, Chique agrees
    to help, setting in motion a series of events that delve into the dark and
    treacherous realms of the underworld.
    Author David G Williamsson expertly weaves a story of intrigue, suspense, and
    political machinations that all come together in a strong tapestry of sinister
    dealings, sex, and scandal. The menacing plot to control the highest political
    office is palpable, and Chique's life is on a collision course with this nefarious
    scheme at all times, offering much in the way of nail-biting tension. As she
    navigates through this shadowy world, the reader is taken on a roller-coaster
    ride of steamy passion and unyielding resilience. What I found most intriguing
    about the book was the well-achieved balance between the political drama and
    Chique's personal journey. Her character is multifaceted, and her ability to adapt
    and overcome challenging situations is commendable, with some really detailed
    and emotionally intelligent narrative skills to help us get into her head. Overall,
    Mutually Beneficial is a must-read for those who enjoy a blend of steamy
    romance, political drama, and suspenseful storytelling.