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Q1. Hello, can you please introduce yourself? Readers would love to know more about you.


A1. I transitioned from a career as a programmer to become a very successful software entrepreneur. After selling my international software company, I delved, as a hobby, into the creative world of writing. Programming and writing fiction have a lot in common; both are based on a creative process that needs structure, discipline and an eye for detail and both are focused on creating a great customer experience.
My first book is “Proportional Revenge,” the start of the Chique-series that showcases the captivating character, Chique Fluellen, a brilliant and striking Afro-American young woman who is dealt some very bad life cards and we follow her as she fights back.

My books span several genres, from erotic to political to psychological thrillers. After the book was unexpectedly banned from Amazon, I was bitterly disappointed. Yes, the book has sex and drugs and violence, but it’s all part of a well-thought-out storyline where persistence and determination are the main themes. As one reviewer put it “while it is explicit it never crosses that invisible line from erotic into turgid and grubby.”

I don’t understand their decision, it’s pure censorship. I think that there’s no reason consenting adults shouldn’t read and enjoy fiction with dark themes. But I’m undeterred and I’ve decided to showcase my work on my own website.

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